Best Price Freeze Dried Camel Milk Powder Exporter Company

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Natural camel milk properties

The new white gold. Raw camel milk is light, rich in nutrients. It could feed the world, and give a future to those who do not have it.

Fresh camel dairy such as freeze dried camel milk powder is a superfood. It contains triple the vitamin C of cow’s milk. Pure camel milk and freeze dried camel milk powder is rich in iron and vitamin B, low in fat.

Natural camel milk and freeze dried camel milk powder can be used for diabetes, and against allergies. Organic camel dairy including freeze dried camel milk powder is also an aphrodisiac. Precisely because of its nutritional properties it could feed the world.

Camel milk

The camels are among the very few species that manage to survive without too much difficulty. Despite the lack of water, they still produce milk because they can stay up to a month without drinking.

That is why they have become a fundamental source of nourishment for local populations in desert and arid areas.  and at the same time they have all the credentials to become an important economic resource.

An opportunity for small local communities and a bargain for many entrepreneurs ready to land it in the United States and therefore in the world, leveraging the super properties of this milk, which is perfect for an increasingly large market of health-conscious people who are looking for products. Raw camel milk is rich in nutrients.

Yes, camels could be the future: the real hope is that it will be a sustainable future, which will bring wealth to lots of populations in world, and not just to those who will then sell it. Some communities are located a few hours from the cities.

Their life based on the strong bond with nature and on the rhythms of nomadic life dictated by the seasons, the rains, the pace and the sound of the herds.

Milking camel

Best Price Freeze Dried Camel Milk Powder Exporter Company

Best Price Freeze Dried Camel Milk Powder Exporter Company

For most of people wo lived in desert, camels are everything. Babies grow up with camel milk. The men follow them for months and sleep next to them on makeshift beds. They know them one by one (each camel has a name) and milk them twice a day, collecting the milk in containers made from intertwined herbs. Milking was and some parts of world is a very special operation.

First you let the baby suckle, then you separate it from the mother and start: two men stand on the sides of the camel, bending and lifting one leg to support the container (in an almost acrobatic position, similar to that of waders). Eventually they let the puppy suckle again. But now milking is changed. It can be like the other livestock.

Camel milk taste

Raw camel milk is very white, with a dense and high foam. In the mouth it is savory, aromatic, less fat than cow’s milk. Traditionally it does not turn into cheese or yogurt, but it is drunk fresh.

Natural camel milk is the staple food for many people. Also camel milk is the only product that some community has started to sell in the nearest cities. Fresh camel milk is appreciated for its taste, but also for its healing properties. You can also taste an excellent tea made with camel milk, ginger, cinnamon.

Freeze dried camel milk powder exporter company

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